Your Asbestos Lab is Nearer Than You Think!

Finding an asbestos lab near you should never be a difficult process. That’s why we take strides to make it as easy as possible for you to come visit PEL Labs! Finding our corner of the building is actually pretty easy once you know where to go. When you drive into our parking lot you’ll find a row of parking spaces facing the main entrance to the many labs there. But only one of them is for asbestos!

Actually, the main entrance isn’t even the easiest way to get into PEL Labs. The parking lot is shaped like an L – If you drive around to the back and park there, you’ll find a glass door … that’s ours. But if that doesn’t suit your needs, you can always drop off your asbestos samples in our drop box at the main entrance. 

We make it easy to find us and drop off samples. Come on by today!

How to get your hazardous material samples dropped off at PEL for analysis.

PEL labs is located at 600 South Wagner Road, Ann Arbor MI 48103.  PEL labs provide our clients with 2 options for drop off. 

Option 1- We have a drop box under the covered roof on the far right-hand side of 600 South Wagner Road by the door labeled main entrance.  PEL’s drop box is clearly labeled with our logo. Attached to the side of this drop box you’ll find paperwork needed to submit your hazardous material sample. Just drop your samples with your paperwork attached into the slot. This drop box is checked twice daily and our staff will send you an email or text once the samples are received. Samples can be dropped anytime day or night.

Option 2- PEL Labs is located around the back side of 600 South Wagner Road. There’s only 1 entrance on the back side of the building and that’s PEL’s entrance. As soon as you enter, the laboratory is directly to your right.  Should you choose to, during our office hours of 10am – 4pm, you are welcome to come inside and drop samples off at our window. You can meet our analysts, ask questions, or see where your hazardous material samples will be analyzed.  At this window, you can also pick up all necessary paperwork needed for submission of hazardous material samples.  

Note: Please bag all hazardous samples in an airtight plastic bag for everyone’s safety. 

We service the Battle Creek, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Chelsea, Dexter, Portage and Ann Arbor areas. Contact a certified asbestos lab near you today!

We Handle Asbestos Analysis in Your Area

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