PEL Biannual Audit is Complete!

We have great news! It’s been a grueling process, but PEL Laboratories has just been re-accredited! Our staff are often asked by citizens of the community about our accreditation process through NVLAP. What does that mean for us and the client when it comes to the quality and validity of our work?

To clarify, the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program(NVLAP) is a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) program in the United States. It provides an unbiased third-party test and evaluation program to accredit laboratories in their respective fields to the ISO 17025 standard. 

NVLAP-accredited laboratories go through an on-site RE-accreditation process every 2 years. An official will come to the lab and will go through a large checklist to make sure you meet each of the official standards. For example, can you demonstrate your proficiency with a microscope? Yes? Check it off the list. It’s a process that takes two whole days! Starting early in the morning, it can take several hours to conclude. 

PEL Labs just finished our on-site audit in September of 2020 with flying colors! If that doesn’t show our dedication to serving you with the highest quality, we don’t know what will! We would love to have your business at PEL so that we can service all of your hazardous material concerns. 

PEL Labs Can Meet Your Needs on Time and on Budget for Hazardous Testing in Ann Arbor!

If you need a reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable hazardous testing in Ann Arbor, Michigan or the surrounding areas, we can help. It's important to take the right steps to identify the problem, test it properly, and get the right treatment to ensure a safe environment. We pride ourselves expert analysis and great customer service. 

If you have any questions regarding mold, asbestos, or lead-based-paint analysis, contact us today at (877) 220-3528 or We also service the areas of Ann Arbor, Jackson, Portage, Kalamazoo, Chelsea, and Dexter.

We Handle Asbestos Analysis in Your Area

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